The Three Questions About StrataSoles You Were Dying to Ask.

1.    What are StrataSoles®?

a.    The StrataSoles® Training System is a weighted insole system that features one pair of weighted “training” insoles and a non-weighted pair of “leisure” insoles. The weighted insoles are used for StrataSoles Weighted & Non-weighted Insolestraining or practice and the non-weighted insoles are used for competition or normal wear. The weighted pair of StrataSoles® is designed to overload leg and calf muscles to build strength that would lead to better fitness and endurance, as well as explosive quickness and agility. StrataSoles® also serve the purpose of adding resistance to the heart, forcing it to work harder. The extra weight burns calories and can lead to better fitness and weight loss. The system is appropriate for all ages interested in increasing fitness, burning calories or preparing for competition.

b.    The system features a unique patent pending, three-layer construction with a rubberized encapsulated foundation, a midsole that is a molded, with a patented chemical formula available in three different weights, and an anatomically-shaped top sole featuring exceptional shock absorption to provide cushioning and reduce foot fatigue, a deep heel cup for outstanding stability, and an adaptive arch support system that can accommodate most troublesome arch issues.

2. What do StrataSoles® do?
a.    StrataSoles® replace the shoe liners that come with most athletic shoes and provide resistance or weight, in the form of increased specific gravity, to each foot. That resistance helps build leg strength and cardiovascular endurance while allowing the athlete to perform any athletic movement with full and natural range of motion. Once the weighted insoles are replaced with the non-weighted insoles, the result is a positive plyometric impact of increased leg strength, as well as a “lighter than air” feeling, while not changing the performer’s stride length.  Such changes in stride length and stress on joints and hips cause the body to compensate and may lead to injuries.

b.    StrataSoles® increase any exercise’s value three fold, 1.) by increasing oxygen intake by 20+%, 2.) by combating excess fat reserves by burning 23+% more carbohydrates (a real plus for more sedentary users), and 3.) by increasing calorie burn by over 11%.

c.    StrataSoles’® patented design can be found in both pairs of insoles and is comprised of an anatomically shaped, molded foam cushioned heel and adaptive arch system that provides any athletic shoe with outstanding responsiveness, stability and safety.

3. What is Invisible training?
a.    “Invisible Training” means, training anytime and anywhere without anyone knowing you’re working out!

b.    You can use StrataSoles® for every activity where the foot leaves the ground.

c.    StrataSoles® have been developed to provide “critical sports specificity” by allowing the athlete to wear the insoles while training or practicing and going through the full range of motion in their particular sport.

d.    StrataSoles Enterprises, LLC’s goal in creating the StrataSoles® Training System was to provide an indispensable, cost–effective, training system that could be used by health and fitness enthusiasts, as well as competitive athletes and trainers throughout the world to increase individual fitness, endurance, explosive power and speed in a safe manner.

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