It’s time to get N.E.A.T. with StrataSoles®!


Okay, I’m not talking about tidy or orderly or shipshape, though those are all worthwhile. The StrataSoles® Training System and its Lifestyle Training approach received unsolicited validation fromwoman-791541_modified the exciting work done by Dr. James Levine of the Endocrine Research Unit at the Mayo Clinic.

During the later months of 2012 and throughout 2013, StrataSoles® began to encourage users to follow a “Lifestyle” training approach to increase their fitness. This is achieved by wearing weighted StrataSoles® during daily activities to strengthen the legs and burn more calories. Users were encouraged to go beyond athletic activities and accelerate their fitness by wearing StrataSoles® away from the gym.

Dr. Levine and his colleagues studied the phenomenon they called “Non-exercise activity thermogenesis” or N.E.A.T. Dr. Levine posited that N.E.A.T. is the energy expended on everything we do that is not sleeping, eating or sports-like exercise. It appears that N.E.AT. can have a significant impact on one’s metabolic rate or the calories used. Levine reported that it ranged from the energy expended walking to work, typing, performing yard work, undertaking outdoor tasks and even fidgeting. He went on to write that even trivial physical activities increase metabolic rate substantially, and it is the cumulative impact of a multitude of exothermic actions that culminate in an individual’s daily N.E.A.T. His research showed that N.E.A.T. activities burn an average of 330 calories per day in healthy individuals. This is particularly exciting for those of us who can’t always get to the gym or take a long run to reduce stress and burn calories. These activities reduce sedentary time and keep us moving, thus reducing the likelihood of diseases tied to aging or death. Baby Boomers, we’re talking to you!

Dr. R. Craig Poole served as Women’s Track Coach at Brigham Young University from 1980 to 2010 and is a recent inductee into the United States Track and Field and Cross Country Hall of Fame. Dr. Poole was quite excited about the potential of StrataSoles® to provide a safer way to increase resistance to the legs and hips ( While training his collegiate athletes at BYU he used weighted vests and ankle weights to add resistance. After examining StrataSoles®, he believed they were a safer and more comfortable way to train. He also saw a benefit in the use of StrataSoles® during non-training parts of the day. We eventually began calling this approach, “Lifestyle Training.” Wearing 8-ounce StrataSoles® over the course of a day requires the athlete to move a pound of weight with each stride taken (5,000 strides means 5,000 pounds displaced). Poole added that he had seen excellent gains from the uses of weighted vests and ankle weights away from the track. He felt StrataSoles® could increase strength in anyone from youth to senior in a similar manner and much more safely.

Numerous articles have now been written over the past several years about Dr. Levine’s revolutionary work, and they reinforce the significance of the energy burned through the activities of everyday living. StrataSoles’® weighted insole construction can be a healthy complement to these subtle, but meaningful activities. Seniors who wear StrataSoles® during the day can benefit from strength training for weakening legs and solid foot support and comfort. The insoles also allow the senior to walk at a slower pace and yet receive similar fitness results to those walking at a faster pace without StrataSoles®.

The positive benefits of generating a positive N.E.A.T. are obvious. Even though the research has not been done to directly measure the N.E.A.T. impact of StrataSoles®, we are extremely confident that StrataSoles® and its Lifestyle Training approach can be an excellent tool for individuals looking to improve their health and increase their fat-burning capabilities by incorporating N.E.A.T. activities into their daily routines.

Good luck and keep moving!

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