Short on Time? Add Resistance to Your Stride!

I continue to see articles trying to address the society’s ever-increasing desire to get more done in stock-photo-80007931-people-in-the-parkless time. The slogan has been, “If you’re not getting better, you’re falling behind.” I’ve said it myself!  How do we get as much or more done in the same amount of time, or less?

The digital age, and the gadgets it has allowed us to possess, is certainly upon us and we are being told that we are running out of one of our precious commodities – time. Some years ago, that was my challenge. Recovering from heart surgery, brought home the importance of making every step count. So, I started wearing my StrataSoles® weighted insoles whenever I could, to strengthen my legs and put a moderate load on my heart and lungs throughout the day as I recovered. When I went to my local YMCA for my workout, my workout results were better. I could get the same intensity in fewer steps. I’m a retired football coach, so I knew what it meant to take my usual 5,000-10,000 steps and have my legs lift an additional 2500-5,000 pounds by adding the insoles! After a week of training with StrataSoles® I was used to the extra weight, but the benefits kept on coming.

I developed StrataSoles® weighted insoles to be a convenient, fitness tool that any individual could use to increase his or her fitness in less time. The fact that they sit safely under your joints, have a deep heel cup to reduce slippage,  an adaptive arch system comfort and a outstanding foam cushioning to dampen impact shock, allows the user to safely train any time of day and anywhere he or she pleases! What are you waiting for??

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