Move People, Move!

Got time to spare? Probably not much, huh. It looks like the exercise scientists have been at it again and have made a subtle change in what leads to better health and fitness. In the past there was an emphasis on running and workouts at the gym. Unfortunately, the health needle has moved much over recent years. What has been learned in recent studies is that MOVEMENT of any kind can make a huge difference. pedestrians-918471_modifiedI know, I said this in my N.E.A.T. article., but it’s good to get some acknowledgement that walking and movement (of most kinds) can pay dividends. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), only 20% of adult Americans meet the minimum guidelines of 150 minutes of a mix of aerobic and strength exercise per week. It’s even less for African Americans and Latinos (about 15%). The experts say we’ve made it easy to be lazy and inactive. Elevators versus stairs, cars versus walking, etc… As one expert said, being active requires commitment! Quick meals, a faster pace, and multi-tasking are all part of the contemporary lifestyle and it is tough to ignore. This is disturbing stuff folks!

An alliance of national health agencies has come together to put a new spin on a previous report developed in 2010. The new plan [insert hyperlink] puts an emphasis on physical “activity or movement” rather than physical “exercise”.  As it might have become apparent to you, there’s not much new going on in the world. It is devilishly difficult to create something new. To improve upon it perhaps, but new? Not likely! So, the idea that we might have gotten the exercise thing a little off might be believable. In the past, exercise has meant planning, carving out time, getting there and doing it. Tough with one, two or three jobs or kids, right? Sounds like a natural opportunity for a convenient and comfortable health/fitness tool that can burn more calories and carbohydrates, like StrataSoles!

So, a revised National Physical Activity Plan has been developed to provide structure, goals and measurables, to start to move the country toward better health and fitness levels. Can you believe, only eight out of fifty states require recess every day for elementary school students? That’s insane! Where does a brilliant, creative mind (and body) let off steam?

Two colleagues of mine, Kathy Smith and Dan Isaacson, have spent a lot of time in this space over the years and hundreds of thousands of people are better for it. I hope we’ll be able to get their thoughts in future writings on movement and walking and how beneficial they can be.

We’ll talk about this again. Got a thought? I’d love to hear from you.

Good on ya!


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