About StrataSoles™

State of the Art, Premium Training System

The StrataSoles® Training System (STS) is a state of the art, premium, training system that will replace cumbersome fitness tools used in the past to strengthen the lower body and enhance athletic fitness and performance. The “System” includes a pair of weighted “training” insoles and a pair of non-weighted “performance” insoles for leisure or competition. The STS works on the principle of increasing the effects of the earth’s specific gravity on the body during training, thus increasing workload and producing increased calorie burning, endurance, and muscle strength. The weights are safely below your joints! When the weighted insoles are removed, a “lighter-than-air” muscle response is activated. The lighter “feel” can result in a quicker muscle response (much like the weighted ring used with bats in baseball to quicken the swing), leading to better fitness, higher performance, athleticism and a distinct competitive edge. The STS rests safely below the joints and is superior to ankle weights, boots or weighted vests in allowing the athlete to exercise with resistance and full range of motion without causing excess pain and injury to joints. Both insoles can be purchased separately as well.

Meets the Highest Standards of Fitness and Athletic Performance

The STS encourages the body to perform the way it was designed to perform! It keeps the foot, ankle, knee and hip aligned for maximum athletic performance and greater body integrity. StrataSoles® can be used for every activity where the foot leaves the ground!


Unique Patented Construction

The unique, patented construction of the highest quality materials promotes even weight distribution across the foot. The patented weighting compound provides needed resistance while also remaining flexible. The STS provides a convenient, safe and effective “load” on the lower body that accelerates the development of lower body strength and agility.


What the Science Says

StrataSoles® increase any exercise’s value three fold, 1.) by increasing oxygen intake by 20+%, 2.) by combating excess fat reserves by burning 23+% more carbohydrates (a real plus for more sedentary users), and 3.) by increasing calorie burn by over 11%.

Sports Specificity

The STS can be used within virtually any fitness activity or active sport using the legs or requiring multi-directional movement (i.e. basketball, baseball, dance, football, volleyball, soccer, softball, tennis, Zumba, etc.). StrataSoles® develop stronger legs and hips.

Suitable for Young or Old

Younger athletes, as well as seniors, will find a comfortable training companion with the STS. The STS can be especially valuable in developing strength over a longer training period. The weight of the insoles can increase (light to medium) as the athlete matures and individual strength increases for the young and reduced as strength diminishes for the senior.

The StrataSoles™ Training System Includes a Second Non-Weighted Pair of Insoles

The STS features a pair of non-weighted insoles as well. These insoles are anatomically shaped, high quality and can permanently replace the factory sock liners originally placed within athletic shoes. They possess a superior heel cup and arch support system that will provide better support for virtually any athletic shoe. Unlike the weighted insole which features superior shock absorbing cushioning, the non-weighted insole features a highly resilient cushioning that serves to return energy to the foot. This value-added pair of “matched” insoles allows the user to retain the “feel” and support of the weighted insole when it is removed.