Welcome to StrataSoles® Blog!

Welcome! My name is Ron Stratten. I am the Head of Innovation at StrataSoles Enterprises and the developer of the StrataSoles® Weighted Insole. This space will be dedicated to comments related StrataSoles® and the great health and performance benefits they create. I hope we will be able to exchange ideas on health, fitness, sports performance, and safe practices as the months go by.

My background has been in health, physical education, and athletic performance. I have served as a high school football, track, and wrestling coach and as well as an assistant and head football coach at the collegiate level. My most recent work assignment had me serving as Vice President for Education Services at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). I had previously served there as Assistant Director of Enforcement during an earlier stint at the national office. 

These experiences and the coaches and administrators with whom I have had a chance to work have given me a rich background from which to share thoughts and ideas with anyone wishing to improve their health, fitness or performance. We hope to facilitate and improve this enterprise for you.

The ideas will be mine, but I am open to all comments and discussions. There’s so much information and so many new ideas and perspectives, virtually around every corner, that it is often difficult to catch everything. I will try to contribute something to the space a couple of times a week or whenever something interesting grabs my attention that I think might be worth sharing. Check back when you can and don’t forget: with StrataSoles®, every step you take is an invisible workout! [NOTE: When speaking in this space, please exercise courtesy and respect at all times.] So, WELCOME!