Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fit my insoles into my shoes?

Loosen or remove your shoe strings. Remove the shoe’s removable liner. Place your weighted insole inside your shoe. Your new insoles should lie flat in the bottom of your shoe with minimal forward or backward movement. If some slight trimming is necessary, draw an outline using your original insole/liner to gauge appropriate size. Trim along the inside of the line. Do not trim too much at once. Trim it, try it; trim it, try it! Restring your shoes, ensuring a snug fit. This is VERY important to allow for adequate room in the front of the shoe.

Can I wear my StrataSoles® all day?

After you have followed your "breaking in" instructions and given your body about three days to adjust to the new, added weight in your shoes, you should be able to wear them all day. If you will be training in your StrataSoles®, we would recommend wearing them three to four days a week. Take a day off every now and then! Treat them as another way to increase the intensity of your workouts. Check with your physician before you make any radical changes in your workout routine, however. 

I have flat feet. Can StrataSoles® fix the problem?

Though StrataSoles® weighted insoles were not designed to solve foot problems, we don’t want to contribute to them either. We have constructed them with an anatomically–shaped, deep heel cup and elongated adaptive arch system to accommodate a variety of arches. The adaptive arch provides comfortable support for a longer length of the foot. We’ve had good success in providing comfortable support for flat-footed users. The heel gives a snug fit and stabilizes the heel and ankle. 

What is Sports Specificity?

Sports Specificity is the ability of the sports product to adapt to multiple uses without inhibiting movement, but providing effective function. The STS can be used within virtually any fitness activity or active sport using the legs or requiring multi-directional movement (i.e. basketball, baseball, dance, football, kick boxing, volleyball, soccer, softball, tennis, Zumba, etc.) without encumbering range of motion.

With the added weight in StrataSoles®, how can StrataSoles® avoid causing leg injuries?

The StrataSoles® Trainer features a unique cushioning system that dampens the impact of each foot strike made by the walker or runner. Even though StrataSoles® add additional ounces (6, 8, or 10 ozs.) of resistance to each step taken, this dampening affect spreads the impact throughout the insole, thus easing the effect of numerous athletic activities. The shock absorption cushioning diffuses twice as much impact with its softness, while providing heel to toe cushion and comfort. What does that mean to the man or woman who chooses to increase the intensity of their workouts with StrataSoles®? The answer is clear: more comfort, more durability and better workouts!

What makes StrataSoles® safer than other strength building methods like ankle weights, weighted vests, or parachutes?

Keep in mind that unlike ankle weights and other implements that add resistance to various parts of the body, StrataSoles® sit safely under your foot. This eliminates the gravitational force pressing down on joints. By being below the foot, StrataSoles® can build strength and endurance without adding a dangerous amount of weight that might change one’s gait or stride. The added safety and comfort features (e.g. better shock absorbing materials, a deep heel cup and adaptive arch area) provide orthotic-like safety, as well as comfort.

I wear a variety of shoe brands. Will StrataSoles® fit?

Yes, StrataSoles® are anatomically-shaped to fit in almost any athletic shoe. Some brands make their shoes narrower than others and thus may require slight trimming of the outside of the insoles. You may want to get your system a half size smaller to accommodate the thickness of your weighted insoles. The enclosed break-in instructions will explain.

How do you keep my information secure?

All of us at StrataSoles™ Enterprises recognize and respect the value placed on the privacy of the individuals who visit our site. We want you to feel secure when visiting our site and are committed to maintaining your privacy when doing so. For more detailed information, please review our Privacy Policy.

What is your return policy?

Please refer to the Return Authorization Policy for the details of our policy. We welcome your review. If you have further questions, please contact our customer service department at 619-729-9961.