"My calves have gotten much stronger! Also, I have experienced a lot of pain in my arches in the past. That pain has decreased significantly. Now, there is little or no discomfort at all. StrataSoles® are a great investment that will revitalize anyone’s active lifestyle!"

Adrian O.
San Francisco, CA

"StrataSoles® allow the body to work in an integrated way. It makes the body perform the way it was designed to perform. The shoe needs to keep the body integrated, so it doesn’t work against itself and eventually breakdown. StrataSoles® align the heel, ankle, knee and hip, so they work in unison. I haven’t seen anything on the market like it. It’s amazing!"

Steve J.
Houston, TX

"I am approaching my sixth week of wearing StrataSoles®, and I attest that it assisted in my calf injury recovery… I wear StrataSoles™ during fitness sessions and on occasions have worn the StrataSoles® weightless support insoles. I am amazed at how my body skeletal system adjusted to the shoes, it feels chiropractic."

Dr. Sonya W.
Jacksonville, FL


"I think they are great! I use them slightly differently than I thought. I use them throughout the day, and then don't use them when I teach aerobics. It makes me feel like superman! They don’t have that workout odor, either."

John N.
Aerobics (Zumba) Instructor
Rancho San Diego, CA